Situational intelligence: bolstering protection against drone threats for commercial sites

Situational intelligence: bolstering protection against drone threats for commercial sites

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, commercial fixed sites – ranging from office headquarters to manufacturing plants – are confronted with an escalating risk of drones. How can they respond? 

Representing the potential to disrupt commercial operations, compromise intellectual property, and damage reputations, drone-based incursions have led to several new security challenges. As a result, it is more important than ever that commercial sites can access the assuredness needed to confirm that the potential threat has passed.  

That’s why, more than ever, using advanced drone detection tools to access a heightened level of situational intelligence is crucial for sites across almost any industry.  

What is situational intelligence? 

Before we discuss the wide range of benefits that situational intelligence can bring to your commercial sites, it’s important to define exactly what we mean by this.  

At its core, situational intelligence is the ability to access a heightened level of visibility over an area by analysing and interpreting the very latest data available. Just as air traffic control takes advantage of situational intelligence for safe flight operations, so too can your site access an elevated level of preparedness and visibility. As a result, expect to unlock a wide range of benefits, including: 

  • Reputational stability 
  • Protection of IP 
  • Avoid business disruption 
  • Streamlined operational efficiency 
  • Enhanced wider security 
  • A data-driven approach 


Reputational stability 

The damage and disruption caused by an unauthorised drone flight can often provoke an unwanted long-term loss of trust and credibility. Employees, the public, partners, and other relevant stakeholders may lose their faith in your site’s ability to respond to security threats – turning to other service providers as a result.  

By quickly and confidently responding to threats using advanced drone detection tools, you can demonstrate that you hold the capabilities needed to safeguard your valuable commercial spaces. 

Want to learn more? We recently explored the risk of reputational damage within the airport sector 


Protection of IP 

From film and television studios to office headquarters and more, a drone incursion performing unwanted surveillance can record and compromise intellectual property (IP), leading to serious consequences. Data breaches, IP theft, losing the competitive advantage, innovation stifling, and even potential national security concerns all feature here, and can lead to further issues down the line.  

By integrating an advanced level of situational intelligence, powered through drone detection tools, commercial sites can confidently respond to drone intrusions as quickly as possible, protecting sensitive data by closing the window of vulnerability as soon as possible. 


Avoid business disruption 

Advanced situational intelligence gained through drone detection tools allows teams to prevent and respond to the latest incursions as soon as possible. For commercial fixed sites, this minimises the risk of disruption to ongoing operations. 


Streamlined operational efficiency 

A variety of advanced situational intelligence tools have autonomous functionality – freeing up vital security resources that would otherwise be required to perform complex and lengthy manual tasks – bolstering overall efficiency and productivity in the process, and potentially realising financial savings. 


Enhanced wider security 

Combining tools that monitor your site in a detailed 3D environment, instead of a simple 2D area, with counter-drone tools can greatly enhance your situational intelligence and general security. Equipped with greater intelligence, users can understand the position of a specified intrusion in a precise and real-time representation, giving more accurate insights on ground-based and aerial intrusions than ever before. 


A data-driven approach 

One of the greatest advantages of deploying tools that enable an advanced level of situational intelligence is that operators are now provided with the very latest data available.  

When infused with a platform such as FACE®, which offers a single integrated operating picture across commercial sites, your operators can understand the risk profile of an unauthorised drone event and respond based on real-time data. The data can also be used to understand the vulnerabilities of your sites based on historical analysis, and much more. 


How can businesses bolster their situational intelligence? 

A heightened level of situational intelligence can help safeguard any site that is currently at risk from drone-based incursions.  

But, once you’ve decided to enhance your visibility, you may wonder how to start. Here are some essential steps that we suggest: 

  • Understand site-specific factors and risks: before you turn to any drone detection or counter-drone tool, it’s important to first understand the specific risks that drones represent to your site. Then, think about the conditions of your site, as this could influence which sensors will be the most effective. For example, if your site generates a lot of noise, then an acoustic sensor might not be ideal. 


  • Embrace sensor technology: with the help of experienced drone protection specialists, look to implement an ecosystem of sensors that complement your site and risk profile – from optical to radar and RF – that all feed into a single platform for simplified monitoring.  


  • Start small and take incremental steps: When sites begin to explore different solutions, it’s important not to be overwhelmed by the initial cost or complexity of counter-drone technology. Many solutions are scalable, so consider starting with a simple layout, testing the performance, and expand gradually. 


  • Learn from the past: Historical analysis is a powerful tool that can help you understand common areas where drone activity is more prevalent. Assess the trends of drone activity at your site, and place relevant sensors that cater to this trend. 


Learn more: Our cost-effective, online drone detection tool, DAS, provides users with historical data reports for truly enhanced situational intelligence, discover more here. 


What does the future hold for situational intelligence? 

The drone landscape is constantly changing, with new capabilities, technology and applications introducing new risks. The same evolving landscape is also supporting the transformation and evolution of drone detection and counter-drone tools. Looking to the future, here are some possible factors that we expect to become more prevalent.  

Advanced AI capabilities 

Advanced AI capabilities are underpinning the rapid evolution of situational awareness tools as these become more sophisticated. Currently used to classify and track drones, there’s no doubt that AI-enabled sensors will continue to evolve, increase autonomy and become more capable than ever to provide a wealth of insights for sites.  


Scalable, seamless integration 

A focus on scalability will continue to prove essential, enabling the flexibility needed to adapt to various risks, helping to optimise resource allocation, as well as accommodate new technological advancements – all while protecting previous investments. 


Tailored solutions 

Another knock-on effect of an evolving industry is the need for a personalised approach. Customised solutions that cater to your specific site needs and threat profiles will become more important, and necessary, than ever before. 


Creating safer spaces 

Enhanced situational intelligence, when incorporated into a comprehensive prevention strategy, serves as the cornerstone of your defence against drone incursions. 

At OSL, we help support sites across numerous sectors to confidently respond to incursions while protecting people and property. Enabling a 3D perspective of intrusions, we’re passionate about enabling commercial sites to protect their IP, reduce the risk of damage and disruption, and ensure that personnel remain safe and secure at all times.  

Learn how our suite of services can help protect your site today.