FACE® re-engineers’ legacy RF sensors for the future

FACE® re-engineers’ legacy RF sensors for the future

RF sensors (Radio Frequency) have been a bedrock technology for Counter-UAS (CUAS) systems for many years – but as the rogue drone threat evolves, their capabilities and limitations will mean CUAS operators will need to find new ways of exploiting their capabilities to keep ahead of emerging threats.

At OSL, we have been working on new ways of future-proofing legacy RF-based CUAS systems and integrating complex signal returns from an increasingly diverse range of sensors into a coherent display. Our new integrated C2 platform, FACE®, provides a flexible, future-proofed approach to drone detection – providing our customers with a single source of truth from their RF sensor-based security ecosystem.

RF sensors – no all-in-one approach

RF sensors detect, measure and track electromagnetic signals transmitted by drones, such as Remote or Operator ID and video and navigation signals. By analysing these signals, a CUAS operator can locate and identify both the drone and its operator. RF sensors provide significant advantages to sites, able to detect drones at a long-range, without unintentionally flagging objects such as birds, personnel and vehicles. As a result, they are a valuable tool for any site considering deploying CUAS solutions.

However, no single sensor can provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution against the growing array of drone threats. Each sensor has unique characteristics which provide defence in specific environments, while multiple sensors often present a confusing and contradictory overview of the threat – especially when new sensors are added to the network. To navigate this challenge, vulnerable sites normally need a specific cluster of smart sensors to produce an all-round effective CUAS defence.

Designing this cluster of sensors is more complex than it might first appear. As drone threats continue to rapidly evolve, any network of integrated RF sensors must also be scalable and adaptable, able to add new technologies within a multi-layered security solution. As more systems are added, the overall network needs to remain interconnected and coherent, so the operator can rely on a single command and control (C2) tailored platform picture.

Introducing FACE®

With FACE®, we provide sites with an integrated C2 platform that offers an intelligent and scalable approach to modular CUAS. Sensor-agnostic, FACE® ingests data from a site’s multi-layered security system, before providing response teams with one complete source of truth.

Harnessing this single integrated operating picture, teams can maximise their responses and accurately identify, classify, track, and manage drone incursions. Able to confidently close the window of vulnerability, FACE® can leverage the insights gained through RF sensors to maximise their effectiveness and provide an enhanced level of situational awareness.

Learn more about the need for a single integrated operating picture 

To learn more about how our array of RF sensors, as well as our integrated C2 system, can provide your teams with unparalleled visibility, why not get in touch today for a free discovery call?

Every site, every customer, is unique

We always examine the unique requirements of each site and the threats that need to be prioritised. For airports and critical infrastructure facilities, business continuity may be the primary consideration. For defence and border security environments, protection against hostile surveillance may be the key issue. By working closely with clients, we can build up a deep understanding of the challenge against both cooperative and non-cooperative drone threats – and deploy the most effective RF sensor network for each environment.

Our array of products and solutions is designed with a modular approach in mind – ensuring that sites aren’t limited by legacy hardware decisions– while encouraging greater visibility through a single integrated operating picture.

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