How our CUAS services enable expert-driven insights

How our CUAS services enable expert-driven insights

In 2024, the need for robust Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) has never been more crucial. As drone technology continues to develop – becoming faster, lighter, and more intelligent, being able to take a proactive and informed stance is vital.  

That’s why we developed our flexible CUAS consultancy services. Able to help strengthen the security of sites across a range of sectors – from prisons to stadiums – our team of experts can provide the capabilities and confidence needed to bolster responses.  

Recently, we sat down with Henry Robins, our Business Development Manager, to explore our CUAS consultancy services in more detail.  

Read the interview below to learn: 

  • What our CUAS consultancy services involve 
  • How we accommodate the unique requirements of each and every site 
  • How our commitment to R&D helps bolster preparedness 
  • and much more 

What sets OSL’s CUAS consultancy services apart from other suppliers? 

The prime factor for me is subject matter expertise. Our specialists have such a unique experience, especially in such an emerging field. Our work with Heathrow, with experts on-site, gives us critical access to information and insights that aren’t available anywhere else.  

What’s more, our team of experts have a breadth of experience across multiple industries, for multiple decades. From commercial sites to airports, our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of a range of site perimeters. They’re aware of the specific CUAS limitations that vary from sector to sector and know how to create the most effective, scalable solution for any size or budget.  

Can you tell me more about what clients can expect from bespoke CUAS consulting services? 

I think that what might become immediately apparent is that our consulting services involve just as much exploration, assessment, and analysis as they do integration. As trusted experts, we want to explore every avenue that’s available to us, which means that we don’t immediately go to the easiest or most obvious option but instead the most effective one.  

Assurance also plays a key role in this. We want each site to be fully confident in its CUAS solution throughout the integration process and beyond.  

Creating this level of assuredness involves collaborating closely with sites. Rather than acting as an external supplier, we pride ourselves on the level of trust and communication that we’re able to achieve. Whenever we consider integrating a new solution, we keep a paper trail and line of integrity to make sure that the supplier’s claims are accurate – ensuring the highest level of safety and security in the process. 

Does this mean that you approach each site differently? 

Definitely. Having a bespoke approach is imperative, and it’s the only way to find the best result possible. Even when we look at two similar airports, the solutions can be completely different due to unique challenges. It’s an understanding that’s at the core of our doctrine, and by questioning the limitations of each site, we can integrate solutions that are fully tailored, rather than trusting a surface-level one-size-fits-all approach.  

Can you talk me through the average consultancy process, starting from the initial discovery call and leading to full-scale implementation? 

In many cases, there’s a set of information provided with a list of requirements and a briefing on the space that we’re going to be working in. This ranges massively because in some contexts, relatively simple small airports can be a little more predictable but in a lot of cases it ranges to something more complicated. 

We take that away and take it to our team who will then massage out what our general tactic is –how we’re going to treat it and the best solutions to consider – before moving forward into the integration stage. After integration, we also make sure that our experts can be contacted with any questions or queries – meaning that operators can completely trust their site security.    

As well as making sure that sites have access to new solutions, ensuring that current systems are still effective is equally as important. Can you tell me more? 

We’re so lucky to be working with the team that we have here. Their experience in difficult and challenging environments means that they’re able to quickly recognise the pitfalls in current systems, know when to build on existing systems – and when to build an entirely new optimised ecosystem from scratch.  

Having said that, there are some cases where we can see that the most cost-effective way is to integrate preexisting systems properly, absorbing them into a greater system after they pass a rigid assessment. 

We can’t talk about our expertise in the face of challenges here without mentioning our commitment to research and development. We’ve invested massively in R&D to ensure that, whatever the solution and site, we can adapt to evolving challenges. Drone threats are increasing exponentially, so this proactive, pre-emptive approach is one that we feel is really important. 

Dedicated to creating safer spaces 

With unmatched subject matter expertise and a commitment to bespoke solutions, our CUAS consultancy services help enable confident, proactive stances against evolving drone threats. Trusted by some of the world’s most complex sites, we’re here to help.  

To learn how these services can enhance your site with tailored solutions that match your unique security needs, and to sign up for a free discovery call, visit our dedicated consultancy page today.