Whether you’re looking to better understand your current threat environment, improve on existing systems or get expert knowledge on a unique project, we provide a bespoke consultancy led by market-leading expertise.

Designed to cater to the unique requirements of any site, we can support you to develop innovative solutions – from establishing needs, building from proof-of-concept to full-scale implementation.

A wide range of consulting solutions

Our services can include:

  • Creating detailed assistance and support during bidding and proposals
  • Supporting product testing and trials
  • Providing unique expertise in a range of subject matters
  • Aiding in integral evaluation and quality assurance

Counter-drone security evaluation

Our expert team work with you to:

  • Quickly assess and advise on your safety and security risk from drone disruption
  • Identify how an incident might impact your operations, reputation and finances
  • Understand how robust your procedures and systems are
  • Assess any specific potential drone events that have occurred, including identifying false alarms, likely intentions, potential impact, and what can be done about it
  • Recommend best practice management and mitigation measures, from operating procedures to adopting services or physical systems,
  • Review costs associated to solutions
  • Signpost the regulatory and insurance environment, your obligations within it and actions you can take to reduce your exposure

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Trusted partnership

As your expert guide and partner, we’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your safety and security needs and the drivers for them. Including considerations of your operating environment and location
  • Advise on specific factors you should consider about in relation to drone security, tailored to your specific needs
  • Independently help you select the sensors most suitable for your site and technology pathway, irrespective of manufacture, and without dependence on a single ecosystem or technology type that risks becoming obsolete
  • Advise on how to scale your counter-drone system into a multirole intelligent security system with multiple applications, with the aim of achieving a single integrated operating picture.
  • Build a picture of future technological developments and how they can best be used to your advantage, such as integrating and managing autonomous drones within your airspace for your benefit

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Technology Consultancy

Our team of qualified experts can help you to:

  • Develop your counter-drone concept of operations. Planning specifically how best to achieve detection given your situation, and then how best to manage or mitigate threats.
  • Assess any existing systems that you have on your site, their effectiveness and potential for integration into a wider intelligent security system.
  • Advise on different sensor technologies and how they can be combined at your site, reflecting different environmental aspects such as local terrain, buildings and foliage, air and ground traffic, background radiation and available power.
  • Provide advice on sensor choice, and network hardware.
  • Advise on sensor siting, using our proprietary “siting tool” software to site for best angles, elevations, arcs and coverage, often in involving a complete, millimetre accurate, site LiDAR survey
    Conduct drone penetration testing, to test system capabilities and performance, often in close cooperation with law enforcement, government agencies, and aviation regulators

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A hardware-agnostic approach

With a hardware-agnostic approach, our team will ensure that any new solutions are designed around you and your site requirements. We prioritise your needs and integrate technology and hardware to build on your current security environment. We’ll support you to capitalise on existing investments while increasing your operational efficiency.


Defence counter-drone consultancy

With a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of technical and operational defence specialists, OSL’s Defence Counter-Drone team advises governments and armed forces on developing capability to secure and defend airspace against rapidly evolving hostile drones, enemy aviation, and other airborne threats.

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