OSL provides UAS operations to achieve your mission in complex environments.

As well as a range of consultancy services from training and testing, through to concept of operations, to help you develop your future use of UASs.

With experience working in complex environments and highly controlled airspace, OSL’s team of certified UAS operators provides a range of manned and semi-autonomous drones to accomplish your mission.


Drone operation capabilities include:

  • Lidar survey
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Event monitoring
  • Incident response

Currently in development, OSL’s fleet of security response drones will allow you to respond to a range of security events quickly and effectively.

UAS Consultancy

Testing and trials

We collaborate closely with UAS designers, builders, integrators, and users to perform the tests and trials needed to evaluate, validate, and optimise the performance of UAS technology.

Enabling access to a number of fixed and mobile trial locations, we are equipped to provide our clients with the data they require, precisely when and where they need it.

Concept of operations

Our team of experts will help you understand your capabilities, physical and regulatory environments, objectives and constraints, plan for the missions you want to achieve, and identify the essential components to achieve operational success.


We provide bespoke UAV training programs to enable your workforce. From basic UAV operations and safety through to advanced pilot certifications, we will provide your teams with the knowledge and skills to start your own UAV operations in confidence.

Autonomous UAVs – Project HADO®

Project HADO® is dedicated to enabling multiple autonomous drone operations Beyond Visual Line of Site.

Using the immensely complex environment of London Heathrow as a testing site, HADO® aims to bring an array of advanced use cases, and significantly advance the UK’s role in drone technology, through a globally deployable solution.

To learn more about the multiple possibilities HADO® sets to introduce, and how our involvement with the CAA aims to transform necessary regulations.

Read our latest HADO® insights

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