Cutting-edge perimeter intrusion detection systems for enhanced security

Our advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDs) and Wide Area Detection Systems (WADs) are designed to provide security teams across any site with the situational intelligence needed to rapidly respond to potential perimeter intrusions.

Our solutions are backed by the experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology needed to secure perimeters. Each future-proof solution is bespoke to the specific site and can be scaled-up as required.

Create safer spaces

Unparalleled visibility needed to confidently respond to threats

A flexible, layered ecosystem of scalable solutions

Autonomous capabilities for increased operational efficiency

Hardware-agnostic, multi-role approach designed to augment and enhance current systems

A single streamlined and integrated operational overview

Precise AI-powered object identification

Protect your site and assets from unwanted incursions

Our PIDS and WADS offer the highest level of accuracy to enable rapid risk detection and reduce the threat of unwanted incursions on your site.

The bespoke systems are highly-configurable and designed to integrate with existing systems, making each scalable to your requirements. The layer of autonomous monitoring and a single command and control platform also supports an increase in operational efficiency.

Fully bespoke perimeter solutions

To implement advanced perimeter management solutions, our team of specialists work alongside you to produce a fully bespoke package, carefully designed to match your sites unique requirements. With options for rapid deployment, advanced image analytics, and more, our fully-tailored systems enhance current environments and introduce additional hardware to ensure complete visibility throughout complex sites.

Supporting world-leading customers to enhance their situational intelligence

Begin your journey to an intelligent ground security system today

Discover how we can help you to create safer spaces. Book a discovery call with our team and we’ll discuss the unique requirements of your site.