As the risk of drone incursions increase across all sectors, counter-drone systems become increasingly essential. Enabling teams to detect, track and manage possible incursions. With all insight fed into a central command and control platform for complete visibility.

Our multi-layered approach to counter-drone systems is designed to provide any site with the tools, capabilities, and situational intelligence needed to create safer spaces.

Open architecture

With a hardware-agnostic approach, our team will ensure that any new solutions are integrated seamlessly with your current security environment. Regardless of what third-party solutions are currently used. Ensuring you can capitalise on existing investments while increasing your operational efficiency.

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Perceive: Understand

Support navigating the threat landscape, bespoke reporting and guidance for your site and team.

We’ll help you perceive the market-wide threats that drones and unauthorised incursions pose to your site or group, defining clear risks and potential consequences. We’ll work with you to define future facing threats and provide support on potential approaches to a solution. Including details on available technology and recommendations on team training, technical realities and remote support.

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Protect: Stop immediate threats

Counter-drone systems at a level matched to your site requirements, level of risk and budget to create safer spaces.

We’ll work with your team to build a bespoke solution including onboarding strategies and a supporting business case, with consultation included at each stage of the process.

Each bespoke system is provided with the hardware and sensors needed for your site, with all insight feed into a central command and control platform for complete visibility. Fully scalable, these offerings are capable of being built on and enhanced with additional smart sensor clusters for greater visibility and intelligence at any time.

For sites looking for more comprehensive counter-drone solutions we can build up the sensors, improving detection capabilities. Ensuring accurate and reliable detection in any weather condition.

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Prevent: Bespoke advanced systems

The bespoke counter-drone system is ideal for organisations requiring an advanced, tailored solution. We’ll work with your team to create and enhanced C-UAS or PIDS system with increased capabilities. Providing you with complete situational intelligence in a single operating picture.

This system includes implementing a full suite of additional smart sensors, such as optical, acoustic, and additional PIDS and WADS tools to reinforce your security system. Additionally, this offering also includes introducing cyber-decoding capabilities, capable of identifying and decoding non-DJI radio signatures for greater intelligence on a range of additional drone types.

With expert operation and support alongside ongoing consultancy, data insights, testing and operational training – we’re with you every step of the journey.

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Introducing deployable counter-drone systems

Firmly packaged into a modular, mobile framework, our deployable systems enable sites of any sites to access airport-level situational intelligence on-demand.

Ideal for events, summits, and other sites that need to be temporarily protected, each of our intelligent, deployable counter-drone systems include our integrated C2 platform, smart Radio Frequency detection capabilities, and powerful electro-optical systems powered by deep learning and AI.

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