For events of any size, drones can create unwanted disruptions, unnecessary damage, and conduct unauthorised surveillance – infringing on intellectual property in the process in some cases.

Through our range of accessible drone detection solutions, we can ensure that all events – from sports matches to concerts and festivals – can access the intelligence needed to confidently secure protected airspace.

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With unparalleled industry expertise and on-demand solutions to provide greater visibility, we can support you to understand your unique threat landscape and protect your site against it. From insight on drone-traffic around your site to complete counter-drone systems, we can support you to get overarching visibility of your site, managing privacy and security simultaneously.

Secure your site, maintain compliance

Our rapidly-deployable solutions are available to secure event compliance and ensure you stay compliant moving forwards. Our solutions are fully customisable to your space, requirements and budget. Empowering you to minimise event disruption while safeguarding people and assets.

Drone Alert Service (DAS)

DAS is designed to provide users with enhanced visibility of current drone incursions, as well as the ability to quickly generate reports from a range of historical data for insights on trends, behaviour, and other factors.
As a truly affordable solution, DAS removes the need to invest in costly equipment, training, or licences. Scalable and fully flexible, DAS can be accessed via an intuitive online interface from a fixed IP address, complete with a range of subscription and upgrade options.

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For stadiums and venues with current third-party drone detection solutions, FACE® enables comprehensive insights with a single operating picture. Equipped with clear integrated insights collated from multiple third-party systems, FACE® can empower users to coordinate effective responses, supplied with the greatest level of situational intelligence possible.

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For Wembley Stadium, consistently affirming the safety of all fans and personnel is a core priority.  

Read the full case study today to find out how DAS helps provide the situational intelligence and capabilities needed to mark Wembley Stadium as a world-leading pioneer.


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