Our cutting-edge drone detection solutions provide innovative solutions to enhance border security and situational awareness. With advanced sensor and imaging technologies and extensive industry expertise, we offer a comprehensive defence against drone threats and other potential incursions.

Partner with us to gain accessible insights into the latest counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) technologies and strengthen your border security against emerging drone threats. With our modular CUAS solutions, easily deployable to meet specific security requirements, you can improve your situational awareness and enhance your response capabilities.

Bespoke to aid an array of events

Our solutions are tailored to the unique challenges of border security and provide accessible insights that enable proactive measures against potential security breaches.

Counter-Drone Services (CUAS)

Our innovative CUAS services are designed to meet the specific security demands of border protection, providing a heightened sense of situational awareness, perimeter intrusion, and response capabilities.

We offer a modular approach to our CUAS services, which can be quickly deployed to secure the airspace and perimeter of critical border areas.
Enable safer spaces with advanced counter-drone measures that enhance your border security operations with full assurance and peace of mind.

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Our industry-leading capabilities empower border security personnel with the actionable intelligence needed to detect, classify, and track potential threats.
With advanced AI image analytics, SKYSIGHT™ is the latest security solution that offers an advanced, automated detection system to border security teams. Eliminating the need for traditional radar systems, INSIGHT™ provides critical situational intelligence on aerial incursions, enabling border teams to take swift action against any risk.

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INSIGHT™ is another innovative solution that allows border defence teams to make the most of their existing hardware by integrating AI analytics for seamless tracking, classification, and more. With SKYSIGHT™ and INSIGHT™, border security teams can stay one step ahead of potential threats and protect their perimeters with confidence.

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FACE® offers a unified view of potential threats, integrating data from smart sensors across a multi-layered security solution into one complete operating picture.

FACE® provides real-time situational awareness in the face of increasing incursions and breaches, ensuring swift and effective responses to any security risks.

Our team’s in-house development of FACE® ensures exceptional expertise and technical support, enabling you to access a comprehensive solution that depicts border security intelligence seamlessly. Take advantage of FACE®‘s advanced monitoring and management tools to enhance your security today.

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Enhancing border security with intelligent solutions

At the forefront of border security, we understand the multifaceted challenges that come with securing national borders. That is why we offer customised solutions that address the unique needs of each border location.

Whether it’s a single solution or a multi-layered defence system, our advanced situational intelligence solutions offer comprehensive protection against potential threats, so you can rest easy knowing your borders are safeguarded.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions that exceed industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative approaches to border security, and how we can help protect your borders from aerial and ground-based incursions.

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