As the onboard capabilities of drones continues to increase, their ability to conduct illicit surveillance and cause damage to private assets continues to pose a serious risk for high-net-worth individuals, embassies, and other private sites.

We offer a wide range of specialist solutions designed to provide enhanced visibility and enable rapid, confident responses.

Protect your assets and property

We offer a multi-layered approach to protecting your property and assets, with each solution designed to be rapidly deployed and to quickly increase visibility over your site.

Secure your site perimeter

OSL offer intelligent solutions for Perimeter Incursion Detection (PIDS) and Wide Area Detection (WADS), to provide you with full visibility of your perimeter and movement around it. With insights fed into a central command and control centre for a single view of your site.

Drone Alert Service (DAS)

Our Drone Alert Service (DAS) effectively and affordably provides real-time alerts on drone incursions, as well as enable access to up to three years of historical data where available.

Unlock the potential of DAS

Intelligent ground security systems

Gain heightened awareness of perimeter security with our Wide Area Detection Systems (WADS) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

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visibility and control

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