Drone or perimeter incursions threaten site and border safety, risking assets and people. For secure sites and borders, complete visibility and security are essential. With our bespoke solutions we can provide full visibility of your complex 3D site, so you can increase your response times and reduce the threat of security breaches.

Mitigate against drone threats

Partner with us to gain accessible insights into the latest counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) technologies and strengthen your site security against emerging drone threats. With our modular CUAS solutions, easily deployable to meet specific requirements, you can improve your situational awareness and enhance your response capabilities.


Minimise false positives

Our cutting-edge drone detection services enhance site security and situational awareness. With advanced sensor and imaging technologies and extensive industry expertise, we offer a comprehensive defence against drone threats and other potential incursions. So you can make the right call, the first time.

Intelligent ground security systems

Gain heightened awareness of perimeter security with our Wide Area Detection Systems (WADS) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

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FACE® is our world-leading intelligent software platform that allows the real-time monitoring and management of complex aerial and ground activity.

Developed completely in-house, FACE® fuses data feeds from multiple security sensors to provide a single, unified picture of potential airborne and ground risks. Trusted by complex secure sites worldwide, FACE® enables real-time, situational responsiveness in the face of increasing drone activity and perimeter breaches.

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Integrated Counter-Drone Systems (CUAS)

For sites hoping to secure their airspace and perimeter against the risk of drone incursions, our integrated CUAS systems combine a range of sensor and imaging technologies with industry-leading knowledge, expertise, and experience. Our modular solutions can be quickly implemented into complex sites to meet demanding security requirements, increasing both the safety and visibility of perimeters.

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