Defence consultancy

OSL work with defence organisations to create Counter-Drone and Air-Defence capabilities.

With a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of technical and operational defence specialists, OSL’s Defence Counter-Drone team advises governments and armed forces on developing capability to secure and defend airspace against rapidly evolving hostile drones, enemy aviation, and other airborne threats.

Simulation services

With experience in managing networks of interconnected simulators including armoured vehicles, helicopter and fast jet aviation, we help defence organisations practice the missions that keep us safe.

As leaders in managing the simulated environment, we provide the training, monitoring and insights to facilitate organisational learnings as well as the equipment operation and maintenance required to maximise simulator availability.

Communication services

OSL operate and maintain networked communications systems for defence organisations to improve the capacity and efficiency of your communication services.

Counter-Drone Services (CUAS)

Our modular CUAS solutions can be easily deployed to meet the specific security requirements of high-level defence sites, improving situational awareness and enhancing response capabilities. With our systems in place, you can be confident that your airspace and perimeter are secure, and that your team is equipped with the necessary tools to detect, track, and mitigate any drone threats quickly and effectively.

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As the British Army’s Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) advisor, our industry-leading capabilities provide personnel with the actionable intelligence needed to detect, classify, and track any threats.

Equipped with highly advanced AI image analytics, SKYSIGHT™ is the latest GBAD solution, offering a passive detection solution that removes the need to omit radar in favour of accessible intelligence on aerial incursions.

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As a smart image analytics module, INSIGHT™ also enables defence teams to leverage existing hardware, integrating intelligence AI analytics for seamless tracking, classification, and more.

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Fusing data feeds from multiple security sensors, FACE® enables access to a single, unified picture of potential airborne and ground risks. This innovative platform enables real-time situational responsiveness in the face of increasing drone activity and perimeter breaches, ensuring that you can respond quickly and effectively to any potential threats.

Our in-house development of FACE® guarantees a superior level of expertise and technical support, allowing you to customize the software to your specific needs. Whether you need to monitor airspace, ground activity, or both, FACE® provides a single platform to manage your security operations seamlessly.

Discover how FACE® can enhance your defence capabilities with its real-time monitoring and management tools today.

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