Disruption from ground-based and aerial incursions can cost millions to critical national infrastructure, impacting nation-wide operations. From the innovative capabilities of our command and control platform to the specialist consultancy services, we can offer the insights and capabilities needed to enable unparalleled visibility and secure perimeters.

Secure perimeter monitoring and threat detection

OSL offer intelligent solutions for Perimeter Incursion Detection (PIDS) and Wide Area Detection (WADS), to provide you with full visibility of your perimeter and movement around it. With insights fed into a central command and control centre for a single view of your complex 3D space.

Evolving with Situational Intelligence

Perceive and protect against each threat with our scalable solutions. Our multi-layered approach to counter-drone and perimeter security means we can scale your solution and incorporate more advanced hardware as your requirements chance, easily increasing your efficiency and operational capacity.

Intelligent ground security systems

Gain heightened awareness of perimeter security with our Wide Area Detection Systems (WADS) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

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FACE® command and control platform integrates an array of data from your layered, multi-spectrum security systems to create a single operational overview.

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Bespoke counter-drone systems

A single tailored solution, or a multi-layered security ecosystem, to ensure that your site’s perimeter remains protected against a range of aerial and ground-based incursions.

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