A single drone incursion can shutdown a runway, costing millions in disruptions and delays, whilst compromising flight safety. Protect your airport or airspace with a layered counter-drone solution that gives you greater visibility and control. With the option for remote 24/7 monitoring, you could reduce operational costs and increase situational intelligence.



Prevent disruption and maintain flight safety

The threat posed from drone incursions has been clearly demonstrated and continues to evolve. We can support you to understand the changing landscape and create a scalable, integrated solution to mitigate against threats in your unique space.

With our bespoke support, you can maintain compliance and reduce operational risk. Deterring and mitigating against serious threats to your site.

Security as a service

Our bespoke 24/7 monitoring service provides unwavering expert support in identifying and mitigating against both on-ground and in-air incursions. With dedicated operatives working remotely alongside your team, we can not only increase your operating capacity but also ensure fewer false positives. So you can focus on what matters.

Open architecture

With a hardware-agnostic approach, our team will ensure that any new solutions are integrated seamlessly with your current security environment. Regardless of what third-party solutions are currently used. Ensuring you can capitalise on existing investments while increasing your operational efficiency.


FACE® command and control platform integrates an array of data from your layered, multi-spectrum security systems to create a single operational overview.

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As the British Army’s Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) advisor, our industry-leading capabilities provide personnel with the actionable intelligence needed to detect, classify, and track any threats.

Equipped with highly advanced AI image analytics, SKYSIGHT™ is the latest GBAD solution, offering a passive detection solution that removes the need to omit radar in favour of accessible intelligence on aerial incursions.

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As a smart image analytics module, INSIGHT™ also enables defence teams to leverage existing hardware, integrating intelligence AI analytics for seamless tracking, classification, and more.

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Intelligent ground security systems

Gain heightened awareness of perimeter security with our Wide Area Detection Systems (WADS) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

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Counter-Drone Services (CUAS)

Our modular CUAS solutions can be easily deployed to meet the specific security requirements of high-level defence sites, improving situational awareness and enhancing response capabilities. With our systems in place, you can be confident that your airspace and perimeter are secure, and that your team is equipped with the necessary tools to detect, track, and mitigate any drone threats quickly and effectively.

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Hour by hour, 365 days per year, London Heathrow Airport faces a challenge: to maintain the highest levels of safety for aircraft, passengers and the thousands of people who work or live in the vicinity of their vast airport complex.

Working alongside a range of multi-disciplinary teams at London Heathrow Airport, we implemented highlyeffectivemulti-layered solution to the potential risks caused by drone incursions.

In our full case study, we explore this in more detaildiscussing the key objectives, challenges faced, and how FACE® provides an innovative solution.

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