OSL in 2024: Empowering global situational intelligence for safer spaces

OSL in 2024: Empowering global situational intelligence for safer spaces

“At the core of our mission is the belief that enabling greater situational intelligence creates safer spaces for everyone. As we navigate changes to drone technology and new risks, our commitment to unparalleled visibility and security remains steadfast.” 

By embracing technological advancements, we strive to create safer spaces, where people and property are protected, and operators can confidently respond to the threat of drone incursions.  

Read on to learn how our mission is evolving in 2024 and beyond. 

Responding to new challenges 

Since our last mission statement, we’ve seen countless new drone, industry, and regulatory challenges.  

Increased drone flight capabilities are posing new challenges to secure sites like prisons, that face constant danger of contraband being smuggled in, while regulatory challenges like Martyn’s Law and no-fly zones demand an agile and proactive approach to site security. 

These changes have shaped our strategies and solutions, and we are constantly assessing our services to ensure that they remain as effective as possible.  

Streamlined, trusted, and reliable situational intelligence 

Optimised and effective drone detection depends on the quality of insights available. Each solution that we provide is designed to supply the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and trusted intelligence possible.  

For security teams, this intelligence is essential, informing effective responses that mitigate the risk of drones.  

Tools like SKYSIGHT™ and INSIGHT™ introduce modular cutting-edge AI for sophisticated detection and tracking – providing advanced capabilities for analysing and interpreting visual data collected by sensors. For sites around the Greater London area, our Drone Alert Service – the first of its kind in the UK – provides up to three years of historical data for unparalleled insight into drone flight trends.  

Unlike other drone detection suppliers, we also offer a true ‘command and control’ framework. FACE®, our command-and-control system, ensures that any
sensor integrated into a site is fed into a streamlined dashboard for a single intuitive operating picture. While multiple sensors may detect the same drone, FACE® ensures a correct, real-time situational overview. What one sensor might mistake as a bird, another may represent as a drone. In FACE®, a trusted overview can be accessed, enabling confident responses free from misunderstanding or unreliable data. 

The result: robust security that protects previous investments and enables robust responses that are greater than the sum of its parts.  

Advanced multi-role sensors 

At OSL, we excel in providing multi-role sensors, enabling our customers to deploy a versatile and cost-effective security solution.  

By allowing sensors to serve multiple functions, we can enhance the overall effectiveness and value of your site, addressing a wide range of security needs simultaneously. For example, optical sensors that aim to discover drone incursions can simultaneously monitor ground-based intrusions. 

A trusted partner, and a holistic approach 

Helping sites navigate the latest drone risks doesn’t just mean providing the situational intelligence needed to detect and manage incursions. It means acting as a trusted partner and delivering a bespoke service that caters to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each site. No two sites benefit from the same system. What might work for a small airport may be completely insufficient for a larger international airport, which would differ again from other critical sites like prisons and nuclear plants.  

See the benefits of a single integrated operating system, and our holistic approach to site security, in our full case study with Heathrow Airport 

Leading the drone detection industry 

As we look to 2024 and beyond, we strive to lead the drone detection industry, maintaining our position as global leaders. Solidifying this position involves a multi-pronged approach, combining strategic investments, partnerships with other innovators, and recruitment strategies. 

We’ve taken broad leaps to make this possible in the past two years, including: 

  • Investing heavily in strategic research and development projects 
  • Leading government-funded projects like project HADO® 
  • Hiring experts across various fields, including data analytics, software engineering, project management, and business development  
  • Striving to foster strong relationships with new partners. 

We don’t want to just grow. We want to enable more safer spaces on a global scale. By expanding our reach with these goals, we can help lead the future of situational intelligence and advanced drone detection.  

Dedicated to creating safer spaces 

By fostering innovation, agility, and strategic partnerships, we ensure that our solutions remain relevant and effective in the face of changing market dynamics, and evolved risks. 

Drones are now capable of performing quicker flights, carrying heavier payloads, and operating with a greater degree of autonomy. For sites, the message is clear: 

Take advantage of cutting-edge integrated and layered solutions, to stay ahead of new risks.   

At OSL, we remain committed to delivering these solutions, supporting sites to strengthen security against new risks. Our team of specialist engineers, developers, and industry experts ensure that every solution we provide is designed to enhance the security of each site to its full potential.  


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