OSL acquires Rinicom Intelligent Solutions to expand its AI capability

OSL acquires Rinicom Intelligent Solutions to expand its AI capability

October 2022 

Sara Evans, Director, Corporate Development and Commercial

Operational Solutions Ltd (OSL) has acquired Rinicom Intelligent Solutions (RIS), a leading-edge artificial intelligence and video analytics company based in Lancaster, signifying a great leap forward for OSL’s mission to create safer spaces across multiple domains globally. The acquisition of RIS will allow OSL to enhance its offerings with more advanced artificial intelligence-based image analytics, unlocking significant toolsets and capabilities for the delivery of world-leading situational intelligence.
OSL’s CEO, Mark-Legh Smith, states: “Bringing RIS’s world-leading AI capabilities in-house unlocks exciting opportunities to further develop our integrated, intelligent situational awareness platform to provide safe, secure, and efficient operating environments across multiple domains including drone detection, site security, automated drone operations, and smart environments.”

Beginning as a joint venture between OSL and Rinicom Limited, RIS was established in January 2020 to apply enhanced image analytics capability to drone detection tools. As its capabilities have evolved, RIS has utilised neural networks to identify and classify hostile drones against other objects such as aircraft and birds with an unmatched level of accuracy and responsiveness. In the process, they developed two innovative products – SkyPatriot HunterTM and InSightTM. Used to bolster the image analytics capabilities of any camera or provide a cost-effective 3D image sensor with built-in image analytics, these tools will be integrated with OSL’s offerings to enable even greater visibility and awareness for security teams and users in any location.

OSL provides the infrastructure, expertise and software needed to empower security risk reduction and management for a range of customers, from Lockheed Martin to Heathrow airport. This acquisition will give OSL, which has doubled in size in the last year, access to a team of data scientists and software developers that are highly skilled in artificial intelligence technology. The RIS team will be collaborating directly with OSL’s own team of specialists to integrate these capabilities with OSL’s array of drone detection services.

As Mark Legh-Smith reflects:

“I’m proud to announce OSL’s acquisition of RIS. Together, we will continue developing innovative drone detection tools that protect some of the world’s most complex airspaces, empowering users with greater situational intelligence. While the business is enjoying strong organic growth we are continuing to look for highly strategic acquisitions that either add leading technical capability or facilitate further market access. OSL’s vision is to be the industry-leading partner for smart air and ground systems to dramatically enhance our clients’ capability and cost-effectiveness and this acquisition will contribute towards an exciting future.”

Speaking on behalf of Rinicom Intelligent Solutions, CEO Professor Garik Markarian stated: “We are thrilled that OSL recognised the full potential and expertise of our artificial intelligence tools, and we look forward to working more closely with the team to continue enabling advanced drone detection and security wherever possible.”

About OSL

OSL provides situational intelligence to create safer spaces on the ground and in the air. We provide innovative solutions based on disruptive technology such as data fusion and artificial intelligence to enhance the security, safety, and efficiency of our clients’ operations. With applications in drone detection, drone management and perimeter security, we aim to enable rapid, responsive approaches that safeguard the public and property. Visit OSL’s site to discover our range of advanced offerings. OSL received £8 million of funding from BGF, the UK and Ireland’s most active growth capital investor, in December 2021.

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