Operational Solutions Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration with CroControl

Operational Solutions Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration with CroControl

Operational Solutions Ltd (OSL) proudly announces a transformative European collaboration. Together with CroatiaControl Ltd (CroControl), Croatia’s private air navigation service provider, this new project signals a significant leap forward in drone detection capabilities within Croatian airspace.

Recognising the need to introduce cutting-edge capabilities to support security against evolving drone threats, CroControl, conducted extensive market research to find enhanced solutions. Following a competitive tender, OSL secured the contract to deploy an advanced) drone detection, classification and tracking proof of concept (PoC) solution, marking a pioneering initiative to address the escalating challenge of unauthorised drones in European airspace.

The project will use Split Airport as a hosting ground to introduce FACE® – OSL’s comprehensive C2 platform – alongside an advanced CUAS ecosystem. This solution will feature advanced radar sensors, RF detection, Remote ID, and AI-based camera solutions. It will enable the real-time detection, tracking, and identification of both cooperative and non-cooperative drones, bolstering aerial and aviation security in the process.

This proof-of-concept marks the cornerstone of a long-lasting partnership. After the successful completion of the initial PoC phase, OSL plans to extend protective measures across the entire airport.

With CroControl spearheading this initiative, OSL aims to also feed real-time drone data into the CroControl AMC platform. This will provide valuable intelligence to the public air traffic management portal, that can be used to determine safe flights of drones, gliders, and more near airports.

Equipped with a single integrated operating picture, and armed with greater visibility over any aerial activity, Split Airport can now successfully deploy drone operations on-site to conduct routine inspections, perimeter checks, and foreign object detection, without a risk of accidental collision or disruption.

Oana Muresan, Head of Business Development at OSL, emphasised “We are excited to work closely with CroControl and their first deployment site, Split Airport to continue setting a high standard for the industry. This win is an important milestone in our journey, and it underscores our mission of creating safer spaces.” 

About OSL

Operational Solutions Ltd, based in Reading, UK, is a leading counter-drone technologies business with a proprietary intelligent software platform, FACE®. The company provides solutions to challenges posed by the increasing prevalence of unmanned aircraft systems in airspaces worldwide.

About CroControl

CroatiaControl Limited serves as the air navigation service provider, leading the way in the implementation of counter-drone technology in Croatia. As the National Air Traffic Service counterpart, CroControl oversees the airspace and champions innovative solutions for enhanced aviation security.

About Split Airport

As the second busiest airport in Coratia, Split Airport is currently serving as a hosting ground for OSL’s proof-of-concept. Split Airport actively supports the CUAS efforts made by all parties, and is committed to embracing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of enhanced Croatian airport security.