Operational Solutions Ltd announces acquisition of Nexus Nine Ltd

Operational Solutions Ltd announces acquisition of Nexus Nine Ltd

Tuesday 3rd October Reading UK – Operational Solutions Ltd (OSL), is proud to announce the successful acquisition of Nexus Nine Ltd, a leading provider of advanced Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) testing and evaluation services. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in OSL’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities and delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of counter-drone technology. 

Established in 2017, Nexus Nine has been at the forefront of advancing the testing and evaluation of uncrewed systems and related equipment. Their solutions span a broad spectrum of Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) and Counter-UAS trials, testing, measurement, training, and much more.  

Nexus Nine is backed by a wealth of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accreditations and flying permissions, as well as a team of industry-recognised experts specialising in both civilian and military crewed/uncrewed operations. As a result, the company possesses the unique ability to swiftly identify cost-effective solutions, establish safety parameters, and craft streamlined programs that validate requirements and showcase advanced capabilities. 

The acquisition of Nexus Nine by OSL brings together two industry leaders to cement a mission to create safer spaces worldwide. OSL, known for its widespread expertise in supplying an array of drone detection, site security, and automated drone operations solutions, will leverage Nexus Nine’s capabilities to further bolster its leading UAS support. 

Speaking on the acquisition, CEO of Nexus Nine Mick Davidson, says: 

“We are excited to join forces with OSL to continue our mission of enhancing, protecting, and supporting our customers’ capability development. This partnership will allow us to take our expertise in UAS testing and evaluation to new heights and contribute to OSL’s vision of being an industry-leading partner for smart air and ground systems.” 

Mark Legh-Smith, CEO of Operational Solutions Ltd, added, “The acquisition of Nexus Nine marks a significant step in OSL’s journey to provide innovative solutions that protect critical infrastructure and ensure the responsible use of UAS technology. Together, we can advance the field of UAS and C-UAS technology, all while delivering exceptional solutions for our clients.” 

The acquisition of Nexus Nine by Operational Solutions signifies a promising future for both organisations, one that will lead to the development of groundbreaking technologies and services in the realm of uncrewed aircraft operations. OSL remains committed to delivering excellence in drone detection and security solutions to its clients, and this acquisition strengthens that commitment. 


About OSL 

OSL provides situational intelligence to create safer spaces on the ground and in the air. We provide innovative solutions based on disruptive technology such as data fusion and artificial intelligence to enhance the security, safety, and efficiency of our clients’ operations. With applications in drone detection, drone management and perimeter security, we aim to enable rapid, responsive approaches that safeguard the public and property.