Introducing our new Non-Executive Director, Victor Chavez CBE

Introducing our new Non-Executive Director, Victor Chavez CBE

We are delighted to introduce Victor Chavez, our newly appointed non-executive director, to the OSL team.  

Victor has previously served as CEO of Thales UK and is currently acting as the non-executive director of innovative drone manufacturers Callen-Lenz. Equipped with this wealth of expertise in the aerospace and defence sectors, along with a keen strategic vision that aligns perfectly with our growth trajectory and forward-thinking initiatives, Victor’s support will directly fuel our services, solutions, and growth.  

We took the time to sit down with Victor to learn more about how his ongoing support will direct our solutions and market position, what he envisions for the future of OSL, and much more.  

Could you provide a brief overview of how your role as Non-Executive Director will support OSL?

As a non-executive director at OSL, my role is multifaceted. I will be directly supporting the executive team in navigating the complexities of the rapidly evolving CUAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems) sector. I also bring a broader perspective to OSL’s team, all while ensuring good governance.  

That perspective is so important, and something I’m proud to bring to the table. OSL operates in really dynamic and rapidly changing sectors. What constitutes an advanced CUAS solution is evolving all the time, presenting a wide array of requirements in the process. As OSL continues to expand, particularly into international markets beyond its predominant UK focus, I’ll be focusing on using the insights I’ve gained in past roles to help them navigate new challenges.  

Your last full-time executive role was as CEO of Thales UK. How is that experience relevant to your role with OSL? 

My time at Thales, both in specialist and strategic roles, has given me a deep understanding of the global aerospace and defence sectors. I also think that my time as a scientist and engineer has given me an insight into the range of technology that’s needed to safeguard Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and defence assets.  

Beyond my technical knowledge, my roles overseeing strategy, sales, and marketing for Thales UK in an international capacity have equipped me with a keen understanding of the challenges involved in navigating competitive global markets. With this diverse skill set I believe I’m well-prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities in OSL’s CUAS market pursuits. 

You are also a non-executive director at Callen-Lenz Associates, a growing drone company. Are there similarities between this and OSL? 

Both Callen-Lenz and OSL operate in rapidly growing and evolving markets, albeit with different focuses. While Callen-Lenz are UAS manufacturers, OSL specialises in providing bespoke CUAS solutions.  

In my opinion, the common thread lies in our need to adapt quickly to shifting user requirements and market dynamics. Both companies share a commitment to agile responsiveness and innovation, and that agility is needed now more than ever as sectors and technologies continue to evolve.  

What’s interesting about both companies is that, due to their market size and stage of growth, they’re better positioned than some, much larger, global leaders to quickly respond to the latest developments, which makes it such an exciting venture to be a part of.  

Why did you decide to join OSL, and what particular aspects of the business will you be focused on? 

I decided to join OSL because I saw immense potential in the CUAS sector, and I believe that OSL has the capability, specialist expertise, and solutions needed to lead the industry. There’s so much development and innovation in this field, and I was drawn by OSL’s distinct and established market presence – having demonstrated to worldwide audiences that their solutions are trusted by world-renowned sites like Wembley Stadium and Heathrow Airport. 

My immediate focus will be on leveraging my experience to help OSL build strategic relationships, win new business, and scale effectively, and I’m particularly excited about supporting OSL’s growth initiatives and contributing to their continued success. 

Can you share your thoughts on how OSL can continue to be a leader in the industry? 

OSL already boasts impressive credentials in delivering complex CUAS solutions, particularly in civil Air Traffic Management (ATM) environments, as demonstrated at Heathrow Airport. 

Moving forward, I believe that OSL needs to diversify its use cases. There are several opportunities for this including ‘entry-level’ CUAS for airports and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection, as well as exploring opportunities for further defence applications. To me, these steps will be instrumental in solidifying OSL’s position as an industry leader. 

Committed to creating safer spaces

With Victor Chavez joining our team, we look forward to continuing to deliver advanced drone detection solutions, driving innovation in our tools, and collaborating with other leaders in the CUAS sector.  

Victor’s wealth of experience and strategic insights are poised to propel OSL to new heights as we navigate the complexities of dynamic industries and evolving challenges. We welcome Victor onboard and look forward to his valuable contributions.  

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