How DAS empowers any user to access vital situational intelligence

How DAS empowers any user to access vital situational intelligence

“We’re empowering teams to create safer spaces through a bespoke, on-demand, and easy-to-use solution.” – Dave Robinson, Product Owner 

For sites of any size and industry sector, the risk of unwanted drone incursions continues to increase in the wake of vast compound annual growth in the commercial drone market. Able to quickly cross perimeters in a matter of seconds, these drones can cause unlawful disruption, surveillance, and damage that threatens overall site security.

Having already disrupted large-scale sporting events and forced the closure of Dublin Airport six times in 2023, the inherent challenges that stem from unintentional, or pre-meditated, aerial incursions are clear. To counter this threat and remain free from illicit activity, sites need to leverage the most advanced and cost-effective Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) tools possible.

Traditionally, these tools include a multi-layered security system of sensors, all integrated into a C2 platform that provides security teams with a cohesive overview of site security. These systems may include:

  • Radar
  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Electro-optical

Each of these sensors brings unique advantages, from detection range to position accuracy in all lighting conditions and weathers, that stack together to create the most advanced and capable security ecosystem.

However, deploying these solutions around specific sites requires significant financial investment, putting them out of reach for the majority of potential applications.

Enabling true accessibility with our Drone Alert Service

At Operational Solutions, we are committed to creating safer spaces for sites of any size, enabling an unparalleled level of situational intelligence to help security teams rapidly close the window of vulnerability.

Recognising the need to provide accessible drone detection tools, we created our innovative Drone Alert Service (DAS): the world’s first truly affordable drone detection solution.

The Drone Alert Service is accessed via an online interface, removing the need for a physical deployment. Users can then easily gain a clear and comprehensive overview of current drone activity.

If an incursion does occur, DAS can accurately identify the location of both the pilot and multiple drones simultaneously, alerting users via an email notification. For sites that already possess an intelligent CUAS deployment, DAS acts as another level of security and situational awareness.

Reinforcing our mission to create safer spaces for all sites, DAS can also be set up and deployed in less than 24 hours, providing users with the insights needed on-demand to respond to the very latest changing trends. Additionally, all users can access a range of historical data, including activity heat maps and traffic records, to gain a greater level of insight into illicit activity.

Empowering users with a truly cost-effective solution

DAS leverages the power of multiple existing sensors to eliminate the traditional barriers to entry such as the substantial financial investment, lengthy training processes, or complex licences. As a result, DAS can provide any user with the critical intelligence needed to gain a comprehensive overview of drone activity around them.

A wide range of flexible options

Creating an accessible solution involves catering to the unique challenges and requirements of any user. This is why DAS features three options that promise full flexibility and scalability, including multiple area of coverage options up to 3km, and monthly or annual subscription types.

For time-limited events, coverage can be enabled for a limited time to provide short-term drone detection, while also offering the ability to be seamlessly scaled up and down as required.

Ongoing support for confidence

As well as accessibility, DAS was also designed to provide comprehensive support to give users confidence. With ongoing email service support, we have made our team of specialists available to answer any queries or comments you may have, meaning that you can always trust the results generated.

We also strongly focus on data security. All data collected through DAS is stored in our secure, private, UK-hosted data centres at all times.

To learn more about our wide range of support features, download our technical sheet.

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DAS was designed as a flexible solution to the common challenges involved in enabling situational intelligence. Offering users, a cost-effective, insightful, and flexible approach to drone detection, we aim to empower sites of any size and sector to fully safeguard their perimeters against a wide range of threats.

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