Countering the drone threat: exploring sector-specific challenges

Countering the drone threat: exploring sector-specific challenges

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Drone capabilities have continued to advance in recent years, becoming more commercially available and capable that ever before. For security teams across a range of sectors, having access to critical situational intelligence is vital.  

However, with no one-size-fits-all approach, and a wide range of risks that vary from sector to sector, how can these teams leverage their multi-layered security system to get the most accurate, comprehensive operating picture possible?  

In ‘Countering the Drone Threat’, we fully explore the need for a multi-layered security system across a variety of sectors: exploring how an integrated C2 system can enhance available insights, and discussing the wide range of security solutions that combine to enhance incident response. 

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  • The key challenges facing a range of sectors, and explore how our leading solutions address them effectively 
  • How sensors can be optimised through multiple integrations for enhanced security 
  • The need for a single integrated operating picture, minimising vulnerability through greater visibility