Access real-time drone alerts above your site today. ​

As drone intrusions continue to challenge the security of stadiums, public venues, CNI, prisons, and more, our on-demand Drone Alert Service (DAS) provides the situational intelligence needed to understand the risk to your site.​

Set up in less than 24 hours and available from £799 per month, DAS provides users over London and surrounding areas with real-time drone alerts, as well as over 3 years’ worth of historic data. Meet the requirements of new legislation, and bolster security with the insights needed to make the most effective responses possible.​

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Supporting rapid drone detection and management

  • An affordable drone detection solution providing bespoke alerts for your site in London and the surrounding areas. ​
  • DAS offers advanced drone traffic information so you can understand the extent of incursions around your asset.
  • DAS can be set up within 24 hours and provides 3 years of historic data. Make more informed decisions about your site’s security today.

Enhanced situational intelligence

Our Drone Alert Service unlocks the ability to make the most informed decisions – combining operational or safety risks with commercial opportunities.

Next-level situational intelligence equips users with a critical understanding of drone use at any period of time within their specific site. The integrated notification and observation tools provide real-time alerts about drone incursions.

Models built on accessibility

DAS removes key barriers to entry.

There’s no need to purchase or lease hardware, provide extensive user training, worry about costly systems maintenance, or navigate complex licenses. The result: an intuitive approach that prioritises awareness and accessibility.

A cost-effective solution with full flexibility

DAS can be scaled both independently or with the support of our expert team. For customers, this means that they can update both the users and coverage as required, easily managing their account online whenever they need.

When you require extra support, we offer a helpdesk and email services to ensure that you’re always working with maximum confidence.

Additional Features

✓ The only full-feature service offering of this type in the UK
✓ All data stored in a secure data centre
✓ No system maintenance costs
✓ No previous user experience needed

“The safety of our guests is our highest priority for all events at Wembley Stadium. The deployment and 24/7 monitoring of the DAS System significantly enhances our capabilities and options around the detection of drones and drone usage around Wembley Stadium.” 

– Head of Security, Wembley Stadium


Offerings tailored to your team

We offer our innovative Drone Alert System at three distinct levels, each tailored to enhance the capabilities of specific teams and environments.

Our team of experts are here to help you find the right package for your needs. Find out more below or talk to our sales team to discover which level of service is right for you.

DJI drone traffic data
Drone Alert Monitoring Radius500m1000m3000m
Access to full data reportsOn DemandOn Demand
Access to Drone Traffic Viewing Portal1 User5 Users
Email notifications upon detection
Toggle Detection Notifications On/Off
Email service support
Price per day*£24£37£48
Price per month£799£1,249£1,599
Price per year£8,789£13,739£17,589

*When taken on an annual subscription


Find out why DAS is trusted by one of the world’s biggest stadiums

OSL deployed its Drone Alert Service (DAS) to help Wembley become a true pioneer in stadium safety and security. The work represents a significant milestone in OSL’s mission to provide innovative solutions that protect critical infrastructure and enhance the safety of public spaces. 

Read the full case study today to find out how DAS helps provide the situational intelligence and capabilities needed to mark Wembley Stadium as a world-leading pioneer.


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