Introducing INSIGHT™: The powerful AI drone classification module. INSIGHT™’s advanced AI image analytics enables market-leading streamlined drone detection

Harnessing the most advanced AI image analytics capabilities, INSIGHT™ offers an AI image analytics module that works seamlessly with optical sensors. INSIGHT™ ingests the data from existing optical sensors, before intelligently classifying drone types like DJI Phantom 4 or Parrot Anafi based on images captured.

INSIGHT™ is designed to leverage its AI-evolved database development, providing users with an intelligent solution to enable accurate and real-time drone classification through their existing security ecosystem.

Enabling a wide range of advantages for any site

As an intelligent solution designed to leverage current security ecosystems, INSIGHT™ can introduce a wide range of critical advantages, such as:

Maximised efficiency

INSIGHT™ reduces the need for dedicated human surveillance and monitoring, reducing operator strain and resource needed while enabling them to act in a distracted operator role. The result: greater operational efficiency without sacrificing on capabilities.

Enhanced accuracy

INSIGHT™’s AI capabilities can classify drone types faster and more accurately than human operators. It can detect what the human eye cannot, and is not limited by fatigue or distraction.

Seamless integration

INSIGHT™ is designed to be easily into any security ecosystem, as well as easily being implemented into C2 systems such as FACE. This makes it a versatile addition to any defence or security operation, enabling unparalleled situational intelligence designed to empower safer spaces.

Capabilities designed to benefit any site

As the number of drones in the sky continues to rise, so does the need for effective drone detection systems. This is where AI image analytic modules like INSIGHT™ come in, providing advanced capabilities to detect and classify drones in real time.

With the ability to analyse vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, AI image analytic modules offer a significant advantage in detecting drones and identifying potential threats.

INSIGHT™ enables any site – from CNI to seeking greater drone detection capabilities can benefit greatly from implementing AI image analytic modules like INSIGHT™, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their security operations.

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