FACE® is a world-leading intelligent software platform for real-time monitoring and management of complex aerial and ground activity.

Developed completely in-house, advanced algorithms fuse and correlate data feeds from multiple security sensors to provide a streamlined overview of layered, multi-spectrum environments.

Capable of presenting insights from a range of market-leading third-party systems, FACE® is trusted by some of the busiest transport hubs in the world to improve their real-time responsiveness in the face of increasing drone activity and potential perimeter breaches.

Supporting confident and intuitive responses

FACE® is designed to help support users gain a clear operational overview in complex environments – more necessary than ever as drone technology continues to evolve.

Armed with the very best third-party drone detection systems from a range of suppliers, users can form effective responses with the confidence needed.

As drone capabilities scale and environments grow increasingly more complex, FACE® is designed to seamlessly scale with the user in mind, ensuring that users can easily integrate additional systems for reliable situational awareness at any stage.

FACE® supports a range of applications


Monitor and track ongoing activity for enhanced agility in the wake of emerging developments. With greater observational capabilities, users can seamlessly navigate rising challenges with the latest intelligence.


Rapidly identify and assess emerging threats and risks in real-time, giving users vital information on risks as they arise for comprehensive situational awareness and intelligence. With streamlined drone and ground object identification and minimal false alarms, our clients gain access to safer skies with the most precise and up-to-date information being presented to the operator.


With a range of proven effectors that comply with regional and local laws, our intuitive systems equip users with the ability to securely manage threats for the enhanced protection and safety of personnel and critical assets.

For our clients, FACE® offers:

  • A real-time, adaptable overview of target-specific aerial activity
  • User-explicit short, mid, and long-range detection and identification capability that creates maximum warning and response times
  • Optimised positive target identification performance with precise AI-powered object identification
  • A range of intelligence gained from both cooperative and non-cooperative data
  • A fully-scalable solution that caters to evolving risks and environments

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