Founded in 2010, we’re dedicated to supplying and integrating innovative systems that create safer spaces globally for all. 

With a wide range of solutions designed to offer comprehensive situational intelligence in the face of risks both on the ground and in the air, we’re on a mission to help provide the expertise needed to lead the protection of people, property, and planet.

Holding decades of experience, we always tailor our solutions to meet the technical requirements and risks faced by our clients. As a result, we ensure comprehensive awareness, and always aim to support a site’s security, regardless of the environment or sector.

“Our expertise has evolved from our inception, bringing innovative technology solutions to customers in aerospace, defence and more. We continue to lead in areas such as simulated training and planning environments for aircraft and ground vehicles alike.”

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At Operational Solutions, we are extremely passionate about discovering new methods of innovation, new processes, and new ideas. With a team culture that emphasises collaboration and constant improvement, we’re always looking for likeminded specialists to join our team.

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